Triumph of the nation

Triumph of the nation

National (kick)boxing championship

About the Event

Triumph of the nation was held on Saturday 8 February with the objective to be  a starter activity in developing a platform for young South Sudanese to develop their full potential through the sport of (kick)boxing. 

This platform, which includes organizing and/or supporting existing youth clubs, is also anticipated to be a means for addressing psychosocial and other issues related to the impact of the protracted conflict on children and youth. In addition to being a stage and a form of entertainment, the event would showcase solidarity, pride and unity through the participation of youth from different tribal/ethnic origins.  


I organized the Triumph of the Nation event to showcase South Sudanese talent, support their (kick)boxing aspirations, provide inspiration to the rest of the youth, and create a platform for the continuing support for psychosocial support and youth development through sports—together with partners such as the embassy of the Netherlands, DRC/DDG and War Child Holland.

Right from the start, Triumph of the nation was highly ambitious. What I proposed was to organize an (kick)boxing event that has never existed anywhere in the country before. I was already aware that it would be a serious task, but this didn’t deter me one bit.

The support I received from the South Sudan Boxing’ Federation resulted in 12 of the countries finest upcoming athletes who in turn would showcase their incredible talents.


More significantly, there was an immense diversity in terms of the athletes.

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-- Tim Krap

Nederlandse ambassade in Zuid Soedan
Lofogo Sarour
Lofogo Sarour

The focus

With this initiative I wanted to focus on the youth and thereby also give our girls the opportunity to express themselves trough sports, especially a sport that is often linked to one for boys/men. 


South Sudan has a lot of strong female personalities who, in my opinion, deserve more mention.


Elaborating on this vision, an event like this would only come into its own with the presence of these core individuals, and even more the presence of a strong voice to host the event. 


I was very proud to announce that Triumph of the nation would be hosted by none other than Miss Earth South Sudan, Asara Bullen Panchol!


In addition to the sports entertainment, there were also two musical guest performances done by, Check B Magic and Neetah Baby.


Both are musical champions who have several hits to their name and are committed to the youth in South Sudan. It certainly was not a mismatch to add them to the program.

Neetah and Check B Magic were both responsible for the heat that was rising towards the end of the event, resulting in a closing that definatly stayed with the crowd.

By any standards this event was a spectacular showcase.


Not only was Triumph of te nation a confirmation of South Sudans ability to initiate and conduct a sports event, but also to establish South Sudanese credentials to be as one!

Therefore I dare to say with full conviction that this was a success that will repeat itself in the nearby future.

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-- Lofogo Sarour

future prospects

I speak from my own experience as a professional kickboxer and therapeutic assistant that kickboxing as a whole is much more than just throwing punches and kicks, quite the contrary.


Kickboxing certainly has a therapeutic added value that, with the right expertise, can play a serious role in the young lives of the youth in South Sudan.

Lofogo Sarour
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Lofogo Sarour
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Lofogo Sarour
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Thorough training has numerous potentially positive side effects. These positive side effects are a by-catch for gyms. For example: social contact, dealing with conflicts, resilience, learning to collect both physically as mentally and standing up for yourself.


People can also unload their emotions. It is not just aggression or anger that you can express in sports. But also sadness, fear and tension. A lot of emotion can be physically discharged through sport. In kickboxing as therapy I use this principle to help people feel. Or in technical terms: "making contact with their emotion" It is about personal growth, awareness and behavioral change.


An absolute psychological added value!

The implications for future plans to apply (kick)boxing in youth programs, and any future events are really exciting. We now have a strong base upon which to build on.

"Why fit in when you where born to stand out!"

-- Vladimir Hernandez