In addition to my achievements as a top athlete, I am a much sought-after personality.


My character and speaking skills, makes me very attractive

for various guest appearances and partnerships.


As result, I have been able to appear on various radio and TV shows, documentaries, interviews, vlogs and events.

My natural communication skills has prompted me to be invited as a public speaker for various events such as The Hague African festival, various domestic and international boxing events, non-profit organizations such as Humanity House, and various sports activities.

Reaching the top is not without a fight, which is why I always use the story behind my successes and certainly also setbacks as an example.


Recently an interview about my trip to South Sudan was published. This incredible story about my stay and activities was so widely embraced by the public that I was even invited to attend an event together with HE Vice President Taban Deng Gai and his entourage of senior government officials.


A story about my road to success, my thinking, tips and tricks and much more. This is just the beginning of a much more successful future.

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I'm not so into graphics and theory: I keep it practical, full of concrete tips and examples from myself, with a lot of interaction with the audience. 


My rate depends on the commitment, duration and additional wishes. I get a lot of requests to speak for free, but unfortunately I almost always say 'no' to that.


We do the work form in consultation. Usually it starts with a few interview questions (we have a list of topic starters), followed by a practical lecture with many tips or examples and finally a Q&A with the audience.


I always try to keep it as close to myself as possible.I always try to keep it as close to myself as possible. In my opinion that's the only way to create a relationship with the audience.

The Refugee Millennial

The Refugee Millennial

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