"Lofogo behoord in Nederland tot de top, helaas gaan veel vechters hem liever uit de weg"

About fighting

Personnaly, kickboxing is one of the most beautiful sport in the whole world besides boxing. It is my life, my past, my present and my future.


Now that I have fully focused on kickboxing, it has opened new doors in terms of professionalism and future prospects.


Top sport is all about making hours, many hours in the gym. I listen carefully to the people around me who support, train, coach and love me.

As a professional kickbokser I have an active and above all sporty lifestyle. I am privileged to be able to travel the world through my profession and meeting great individuals. From the Netherlands to South Sudan and beyond.


I am often asked who I look up to.


I watch and listen to other top fighters who have already made it to the top or are on their way like me. I strongly believe that we can all learn from one another regardless the level difference.


"Don't Quit!! You're already hurt. Get a reward from it!"