Lofogo Sarour




"Kickbokser Lofogo Sarour Loopt voor het eerst mee met de Nijmeegse Vierdaagse!"

Lofogo Sarour


Lofogo Sarour


Triumph of the nation


"Be Humble in your confidence, yet courageous in your character."


Born in 1993.  Although I grew up in The Hague in The Netherlands (the beautiful city behind the dunes) my roots are South Sudanese. That means that  I've been given the best of both worlds, I am a combination of Dutch sobriety combined with South Sudanese perseverance.

I studied at the International Hotel and Management School in The Hague and Sports Management at the Hogeschool Rotterdam, in Rotterdam.

I got my first introduction with martial arts at the age of six. I started with Judo and then practicing Wing Chun, however, when I got introduced to kickboxing, I instantly fell in love, till this day. 

In addition to my achievements as a proffesional kickbokser, I am also involved in a diverse number of national and international socially oriented activities, all of which can be followed on my social media platforms.

Reaching your goals will not go without a fight. I strongly believe that determination, passion and love for what you stand for will ensure that you come out a winner at all times.

Short Bio

"if my mind can conceive it

and my heart can believe it

I can achieve it"

-- Muhammad Ali


Lofogo Sarour
Lofogo Sarour